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Owner FAQ

Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Golba Group Property Management has a separate division that specifically focuses on the home inspection. We know that it is imperative that a ‘real’ inspection occur every quarter to insure the home is being cared for. During our inspections, the inspector does a nice write-up on the property and its condition. While doing the inspection, photos of the property are taken of both the interior and exterior. If needed, the inspector will also change out the A/C filter to make sure the A/C is being taken care of. Once the inspection is done, all the information along with the photos are passed to the Property Manager where the information is closely reviewed and then sent to the owner via e-mail so he will be kept up to date regarding the home. It is a wonderful service and we HIGHLY encourage the owners to allow us to do an inspection every quarter. In the management agreement, the owner chooses how many inspections they want done every year. Each inspection is $75.00. Unfortunately, most owners only choose to have their property inspected twice a year, which is a mistake. We have clearly seen a financial savings to the owners that have their properties inspected every quarter. The financial savings is at the time of move-out; the properties are cleaner and have less damage than those that were only inspected once or twice a year. WARNING: Be aware of property management companies that say they do inspections, but don’t have it in their management agreement. They don’t put it in their management agreement because they don’t want to be held liable for not doing one. I am not aware of ANY management company in the Valley that does what we do every quarter and has it in the management agreement to back it up.

[wpspoiler name=”1. Should I Be Searching For A Professional Property Manager?”]
Today, Nevada Real Estate still remains one of the best investment opportunities available. However, if you are holding income-producing property for cash flow or appreciation purposes, Property Management, either locally or at a distance can become a significant burden. Residents today are far more demanding and expect that property be more than “just kept up.” The laws regarding landlords and tenants provide for tenants to demand compensation when owners are not in compliance. Landlords have protection as well under the law however. We find so often that owners become frustrated and give up their rights just to get rid of the conflict. A professional Nevada property manager is a problem solver on a daily basis. Just like a doctor, he or she knows how to fix the situation based on past experiences. The wise investor spends time building a portfolio and hires the professional to use their expertise and time managing their investments. Scott and Nancy Golba along with their team of management professionals can provide you with full service management expertise to meet your specific needs. We specialize in professional Nevada Property Management of unfurnished single family homes. Nevada rental properties include single family homes, apartments, town houses, condominiums in all parts of the Las Vegas Valley. We are licensed Nevada Real Estate Property Management professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. We began our business as investors in income producing property. Thus, we have been on both sides of the spectrum and fully understand the requirements of each party. We realize that there are many Nevada Property Management companies to choose from and we thank you for choosing the Golba Group Property Management.

[wpspoiler name=”2. How much does it cost to have my house professionally managed on a monthly basis & and is there a leasing fee for a new resident?”]
Monthly management fees: The Golba group does have a percentage based commission structure that is low and works with almost all budgets. You’ll want to contact The Golba Group for more information.

[wpspoiler name=”3. Do I need to worry about bad tenant’s damaging my property?”]
This is the biggest fear in having a renter! The Golba Group Property Management team puts all applicants through an extensive credit check, background check, and employment check and past landlord verification. If something looks ‘fishy’ were going to check into! It is important to know that if we put the best-qualified tenant into your Nevada rental property it will definitely minimize the chances of having the property returned in poor condition. We also have found through many years of experience that a person with good credit will apply that type of responsibility to other areas of their life hence, less chance of them damaging your property. We have also found that quarterly inspections of the property help with preventative damages!

[wpspoiler name=”4. How do I get paid and when?”]
Rent is due from the tenant on the 1st day of the month. After the Golba Group receives the rent from the tenant, the rent is then used to pay any bills including the management fee or maintenance for that particular month. Once that is completed, the owner proceeds are direct deposited into the owner’s personal account, typically around the 7th of each month. At the same time, the owner will be able to access on-line owner statements to review.

[wpspoiler name=”5. Do I need to leave any money in my account as a reserve?”]
Yes. You will want to leave $400 in your Property Management account for general repairs while it is occupied. When your property is coming vacant, we request our owners to increase their reserve to $500 to cover normal turnover cost.

[wpspoiler name=”6. Do I authorize the repairs prior to being done?”]
Yes. Depending on the cost of the repair and the emergency behind it, the Golba Group per our contract will contact the owner for all repairs that may exceed $400 in cost. It has been our policy to contact the owner for all repairs and costs involved even if it is under the $400 cost, this reduces questions and problems that may arise. Important money saving tip: The owner or friend of the owner can be authorized to the repairs on the property if desired.

[wpspoiler name=”7. Do I need to be present to sign a lease on my home and how long is the lease usually signed for?”]
Never. Golba Group has full authority to sign a lease on behalf of the owner once the Residential Property Management Contract is signed. The tenant’s lease on the property is usually for one-year minimum unless the owner requests otherwise. One-year lease is standard in the industry.

[wpspoiler name=”8. How long is the contract between myself and Golba Group and can I cancel at anytime?”]
The management contract is established for one year and typically follows the term of the lease agreement. If you should need to cancel your agreement, the best time to do so is when the property is coming vacant. Unless you cancel the agreement, we will send you a renewal letter which renews the contract automatically on an annual basis thereafter. The Golba Group is interested in being your property manager for as long as you use your property as an investment tool. Therefore, we desire to produce the best service and care for your investment while under contract with us.

[wpspoiler name=”9. How does the Golba Group advertise their rentals to prospective tenants?”]
The Golba Group advertises through many different resources. Those resources include the Multiple Listing Service,,, signage at the property, newspaper, Realtors in the Industry, corporate housing, Craigslist,,, Google, Yahoo, as well as this website. Being that are complemented by a full Real Estate Sales division, we are able to provide rental housing for those people in future need of a home. Currently, we are advertising on over 100 top rental websites!

[wpspoiler name=”10. At the end of my agreement with Golba Realty, can they either sell my property to the tenant or put it on the market to sell?”]
Absolutely! The Golba Group will help you sell your property. We are licensed Real Estate agents and will be happy to send you an Comparable Market Analysis on your home.

[wpspoiler name=”11. Should I buy an investment property?”]
We feel very strongly that given the market today and the appreciation we have been experiencing in the Las Vegas area that investment property as a part of your portfolio is a wise decision. We are investors ourselves and have found through the years, contrary to our stock investments, our investment properties have proven to have stable growth with limited liability. However, your investment requires good management and we feel that it is just as important as finding the right property. Hence we have tried in the following to answer some of the most commonly asked questions without getting to lengthy. You may want to print the following and read at your leisure. You will see that our over 30 years of management experience will put you at an advantage over other investors. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read our suggestions and advice.

[wpspoiler name=”12. Who should I use to help find an Investment Property?”]
The Golba Group Property Management agents are licensed Real Estate agents and are geared toward the investment buyer in conjunction with Property Management skills; combined they help you select homes that make the most of your investment dollars and manage them for you. We also provide other services such as selecting the best decor, and can be available for final walk through inspections on new homes, a service many others refuse to do. Call your Golba Group Property Manager to get your investment dollars working for you.

[wpspoiler name=”13. What percentage does the County increase property taxes?”]
Property Taxes have varied considerably since the value of the homes have fluctuated, you will want to contact the County Assessor to see exact numbers on this.

[wpspoiler name=”14. Where are the best area’s to purchase investment property?”]
We personally are finding that valleywide it’s a strong market. We will help with your decision by providing the most up to date information on your particular spot of interest. Our main office is in Summerlin and we will be happy to meet with you.

[wpspoiler name=”15. What makes the best rental house?”]
Fortunately, the Las Vegas Valley area has a large number of growing communities that can make your investment dollar grow with them. In most cases people want to rent homes where jobs, transportation, and good schools are available. Finding these quality neighborhoods in an area that will show continued growth is what our Property Managers can assist you with. So when you are considering buying a Las Vegas rental investment property, please contact us prior, so we can put our Property Management team to work and find your next Nevada rental home.

[wpspoiler name=”16. What are the features that seem to be the requirement of prospective tenants?”]
In general, people want to rent clean quality homes in good neighborhoods. We have found that 3 to 4 bedroom homes between 1500 to 1900 square feet in size are the most desirable. Amenities such as nice window treatments, ceiling fans, landscaping with some grass, automatic sprinklers, and shrubs, along with the ever popular tile flooring instead of vinyl will lease the quickest.

[wpspoiler name=”17. Can you handle maintenance issues? Are you licensed? Should I have a home warranty?”]
Maintaining your home and its investment value, is a priority for the Golba Group, and that is why we created Landmark Maintenance Services. Any service needed for you home can be handled by Landmarks crew of contractors and technicians. However if you have a specific vendor you would like us to use , we will be happy to so. In some cases you may want to utilize a home warranty company. These service contracts can benefit an owner by stabilizing maintenance costs over a one-year period. The warranty contract is often included in the purchase of an existing home. You can go to Landmark Maintenance Service’s website at

[wpspoiler name=”18. Who is responsible for yard work, pest control, air filters, light bulbs, etc?”]
The tenant is responsible for all of the above based on their lease agreement. Some owners elect to continue to have the yard maintained at their own expense or have a quarterly service to make sure it always stays in top condition. Our lease agreement has a nuisance clause that states that the tenant is responsible for any maintenance charge under $75.00 that they could have taken care of themselves.

[wpspoiler name=”19. How often is my home inspected?”]
Golba Group Property Management has a separate division that specifically focuses on the home inspection. We know that it is imperative that a ‘real’ inspection occur every quarter to insure the home is being cared for. During our inspections, the inspector does a nice write-up on the property and its condition. While doing the inspection, photos of the property are taken of both the interior and exterior. If needed, the inspector will also change out the A/C filter to make sure the A/C is being taken care of. Once he is done with his inspection, all the information along with the photos are passed to the Property Manager where the information is closely reviewed and then sent to the owner via e-mail so he will be kept up to date regarding the home. It is a wonderful service and we HIGHLY encourage the owners to allow us to do an inspection every quarter. In the management agreement, the owner chooses how many inspections they want done every year. Each inspection is $75.00. Unfortunately, most owners only choose to have their property inspected twice a year, which is a mistake. We have clearly seen a financial savings to the owners that have their properties inspected every quarter. The financial savings is at the time of move-out; the properties are cleaner and have less damage than those that were only inspected once or twice a year. WARNING: Be aware of property management companies that say they do inspections, but don’t have it in their management agreement. They don’t put it in their management agreement because they don’t want to be held liable for not doing one. I am not aware of ANY management company in the Valley that does what we do every quarter and has it in the management agreement to back it up.

[wpspoiler name=”20. How long will it take to rent my house?”]
Vacancy rates can vary significantly based on your homes amenities, condition, and pricing. You can rely on The Golba Group and our expertise to help you choose the best price at which to market you home. We then put our specialized leasing crew to work to lease your home to a qualified tenant as soon as possible.

[wpspoiler name=”21. As an owner, am I allowed to go by my house and go inside the home?”]
As an owner you can drive by the house as often as you like, however we must give the tenant a 48 hour notice before we can enter the property.

[wpspoiler name=”22. How do I get my home into management? The steps?”]
1. Call the office and set an appointment with a manager to do a walk through with you to determine rent ability and the monthly rental rate.
2. Read over and complete the management agreement.
3. Make arrangements for keys, remotes etc. to be delivered to the office or our property manager will be happy to get them at the property.
4. Determine a rent ready date so leasing can start!
5. Property will need to be cleaned and made ready to rent as soon as vacated. Owners can have the Golba Group make arrangements for lawn or pool service while the property is vacant.

[wpspoiler name=”23. How much is it going to cost to clean and carpet clean my house?”]
From $95.00 – $120.00 to clean the house and approximately .15 per sq foot for carpet cleaning and if you ask for a quote for the service we do charge a $50.00 fee. *Prices are approximate only

[wpspoiler name=”24. Do I receive a 1099 and a Year End statement?”]
You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year that includes a full breakdown of the Profit and Loss on your account.

[wpspoiler name=”25. How is my property shown?”]
Lockboxes, Realtors, Specific Leasing Division. In order to maximize our leasing effectiveness the Golba Group has a specific leasing division. Available seven days a week these real estate agents receive all of our rental requests and show tenants the homes that best fit their needs. Other agents may view our homes with their clients by using secure lockboxes placed on each home.

[wpspoiler name=”26. How do we evict a tenant, legal time frame, and who pays for the process?”]
Unfortunately we often hear of the horror stories about real estate management even through these events are rare. The Golba Group is very knowledgeable in the laws regarding the Nevada Landlord Tenant Act, and we follow strict guidelines in evicting a tenant. Most evictions are for non-payment of rent, and can be completed within 30 days. Although the tenant will be held responsible for the legal costs, the owner will be initially billed for filing fees and attorney’s costs. These bills, along with back rent and damages to the property will be reimbursed from the tenants deposit excess. Any excess bills will be sent to a collection company.

[wpspoiler name=”27. Who pays for Home Owners Association (HOA’s) fee’s and maintenance costs on the property?”]
Monthly HOA fees are paid for by the owner of the home and the tenant should never be responsible for this commitment. The tenant is responsible for HOA violations like trash cans left-out, weed control, incorrect parking etc. If the tenant is fined, the fine will go to the owners account and the tenant will be billed for the violation via the Golba Group Property Management. Maintenance Costs – the owner of the home is responsible for all maintenance costs on the property unless it falls under the following circumstances:
1. The tenant causes the damage via neglect or
2. The cost of the repair is less than $50. It is in the Golba Group lease, that the tenant is responsible for ALL minor repairs like switching out light bulbs, toilet stoppers etc. This is done to encourage the tenants to take care of the small items at the house. We strive to encourage our tenants to be more than residents in the property and to become caregivers of the home that they are residing in.

[wpspoiler name=”28. What about a swimming pool – Should I have one? Insurance?”]
A swimming pool is REALLY in demand in the summer time and if affordable is encouraged to own as an investor. The Golba Group has all of its residents that rent homes with pools sign an addendum that releases the owner and the Golba Group from all liability regarding pool safety. We also have all the appropriate documents in the residents lease package that the State of Nevada require that we give the resident regarding pools and swimming. Insurance – It is always recommended to our owners that they carry at least a $1,000,000 umbrella policy as to cover any possible liability concerning their investment homes. To get pool safety tips you can go to this website – AAP Pool Safety for Children

[wpspoiler name=”29. How do I access the Landlord Tenant Act for Nevada?”]
By clicking the link at the end of this sentence will allow you to have direct access via the Internet to the Nevada Landlord Tenant Act – NV Landlord Tenant Act

[wpspoiler name=”30. Does the owner get a copy of the lease, maintenance bills- HOW & WHEN?”]
The owner of the home does get ALL the important paperwork for their property including the lease and maintenance bills. For convenience to the owner, all items are scanned and uploaded to a special Property Management Program named Appfolio which will allow the owner to see their entire account 24/7/365 via the internet.

[wpspoiler name=”31. Property Utilities – Who maintains?”]
The resident pays for all utilities while they occupy the home. If the home is scheduled to become vacant (in between residents), the Golba Group Property Management Nevada team schedules the utilities in our name to keep the property with utilities ‘ON’ at all times. Keeping the utilities on will allow the owners landscaping and pool to be constantly protected and never lapsing. It is important that your Nevada rental home always be in the best possible condition to attract good renters.

[wpspoiler name=”32. Should I allow pets and smoking?”]
The Golba Group has stated in their lease that NO pets or smoking will be allowed in the homes, unless otherwise approved by the owner. If an owner is debating about allowing pets or smoking, we suggest that they not allow them, however it should be understood that in today’s market allowing a pet will definitely open the door to tenant prospects. Pets usually have an extra $20 per pet – pet rent if they are accepted. If a tenant has an assistive animal due to the tenant being legally handicapped then the owner MUST allow the assistive animal with no deposits required. By Federal Law the animal, is considered another human.

[wpspoiler name=”33. Occupant limits? How many people do you allow to move into a house?”]
We typically follow the local fire department code, which permits 2 people per bedroom.

[wpspoiler name=”34. What appliances should I include in my property?”]
In today’s ever changing Nevada rental market, we have found that the appliances are sometimes a deciding factor for the resident when renting. Therefore, when you enter your home into our Property Management service, we highly encourage the owner to include all appliances which would include a refrigerator, washer and dryer. From our experience, we have found that this small investment of appliances will definitely help your Nevada rental home rent much faster. If you need assistance purchasing appliances at a better than normal rate, we can assist you with that as well.

[wpspoiler name=”35. Can you manage my property that already has a tenant on a lease?”]
Yes! We can take over property management of your Nevada home at any time. Unless the lease is month to month, the current lease will remain completely the same. If the current lease is month to month, it would be advisable to change your current lease to a Golba Group lease. There is only a $50 administrative charge to open your account.

[wpspoiler name=”36. Can I require my tenant to have renters insurance?”]
No, you cannot require the tenant to have renters insurance. Our lease does recommend to the tenant that they do insure their personal possessions as the owner is not liable.

[wpspoiler name=”37. Do you manage any property regardless of location etc.?”]
The Golba Group does reserve the right to be selective with the management of homes. Do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to give you a free inspection to see if you home qualifies. Several factors need to be considered. Condition and a safe location being of primary concern.

[wpspoiler name=”38. Are you required to register your house as a rental with the State?”]
No, at this time it is not necessary to register your home as a rental with the County.

[wpspoiler name=”39. How do I handle a Home Owners Association (HOA) violation and who pays for it?”]
If the tenant causes a violation of the Rules of the Association, we request that the owner fax the violation to our office immediately. Once we receive the violation, we contact the tenant and send them a copy of the notice and a letter that explains what needs to be done to repair the violation. Depending on the violation, we will inspect the property to assure the violation is repaired. If a second violation occurs and the owner is fined by the HOA, then the tenant will be billed on their account for the violation. Note: The owner will pay the violation so a lien is not placed against the home by the HOA. If the tenant fails to reimburse the owner for the violation, then the fee will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit at time of move-out.

[wpspoiler name=”40. What happens when my tenant vacates at the end of the lease term? How much time to do repairs?”]
The Golba Group will usually inspect the home within 36 hours of vacating. A FULL inspection report will be written by the maintenance department. A call is placed to the owner of the home to review the findings of the inspection report. Once the owner reviews the findings, decisions will be made as to what work will be accomplished to refurbish the home to rent ready condition. Typically, the home will be rent ready within 5 days of it vacating.

[wpspoiler name=”41. What happens if the tenant breaks the lease? Lease penalty? Military transfers?”]
If the resident should terminate their lease prior to the ending date of their contract or the agreed upon renewal date, the following option can be taken. The tenant shall pay amount equal TWO (2) Months Full Rent as an “Early Lease Termination Fee”. This amount will be due at the time the thirty (30) day notice is given and no portion of the tenants deposits shall be used towards the “Early Lease Termination Fee”. The tenant shall still be responsible for rent through the end of the lease OR until the property is re-rented. TERMS:
1. Fee must be paid in certified fund only.
2. A full 30 day notice must be given PRIOR to move-out and the fees do not offset rent in any way, nor can the deposit be used for fees.
3. Tenant must deliver keys to the Golba Group office upon termination of 30 day notice.
4. The “Early Lease Termination Fee” will be considered additional rent.
5. It is understood that a breach of these terms will constitute a “skip” on the part of the tenant and collection of the entire lease and damages, including attorney fees and homeowner marketing fees will be strictly enforced.

[wpspoiler name=”42. What work is necessary on a typical move-out? Re-key? Cleaning?”]
Typically, when a tenant moves out, a short list of items must occur before the next tenant. We always re-key the property no matter what to reduce the owner’s liability. We will typically need to touch-up paint, clean, install new air filters, check toilet stoppers, light bulbs, check all appliances, sprinkler systems and assure the yard is presentable for a new tenant.

[wpspoiler name=”43. Who chooses the tenant?”]
The Golba Group is very detailed when it comes to tenants. We require that all prospective tenants are put through a detailed credit check, including criminal background, rental history and current employment verification. The leasing department will contact you and review the tenant’s information. The decision is yours keeping in mind all Federal Fair Housing Rules and Regulations will be strictly adhered. Your involvement in choosing the tenant will allow you to be an active investor for tax purposes.

[wpspoiler name=”44. Who do I contact?”]
If you are interested in entering your property into Management with the Golba Group, you will want to call a Property Manager today at 702-533-7215.

Leasing and Referral Services

To compliment our management interests at The Golba Group, we are associated with several corporate relocation companies and brokerages specializing in relocating people to the Las Vegas area. Our affiliation with multiple Chambers of Commerce also provides a consent referral base of potential residents relocation to the Las Vegas area from across the country. Most management companies do not offer these advantages. The result to the owner ~ High Occupancy with a total commitment to obtain the best possible resident available. Under our guidance and direction, your property will receive the specialized attention that you want and need.

Our lease is very clear and comprehensive and is oriented to protect the rights of all parties. We perform thorough credit and reference checks before the application is approved. We carefully select qualified, responsible tenants and feel we have experience in judging their credit worthiness and willingness to take care of your property! “Most Important” We feel that our relationship (owner and manager) is like a marriage. It is very personal and requires complete trust and understanding. You cannot just “click on” to find a mate neither would we want you to select us simply because of our web site. Our invitation to you is to set a date when we can meet each other (preferably at the subject property) and take some time to talk about your specific needs and how we can personally be of benefit to each other. We are confident you will feel- “YOUR SEARCH IS OVER”

Welcome to the Golba Group Investors’ Page

This page has been developed specifically to address the real estate investment opportunities that are available in the Las Vegas Valley. Our investors come from many states as well as other countries wishing to capitalize on our real estate appreciation. We are seeing an unprecedented rate of growth in the Las Vegas Valley with single family homes as well as the commercial sector. At the same time, the rental market is equally very strong which supports the growing investment climate for those investors looking to receive cash flow and high rates of appreciation while holding on to their investments.

Unquestionably, now is the time to get involved in real estate investing in Nevada. Your profit potential is so high you cannot afford to miss this window of opportunity. Real estate investing in Nevada, like any other area of the country, can be a little complicated. You need a map. But the fact that you are risking your own money means you need more than a map, you need a guide.

That is why the Golba Group has formed a specialty group of experienced agents that work with investors. We understand the language of investments. We also understand what makes a good residential or commercial investment and what does not. What you are looking for as an investor, is not necessarily the same as your average residential or commercial buyer. We understand the differences and apply that knowledge in our search for you, the investor.


Just think about what we can offer. Our continued growth has been built on repeat business and referrals. Our search for investment properties for you is based upon property location, sales price, condition and a strong rental income stream. We search for properties that meet all of these criteria – not just a deal on the price. It must lease quickly as well, and at a top rate. And we are sticking our necks out when we find the right investment property and offer our analysis on the rents. We must be right, otherwise it is embarrassing and we loose your repeat business which is the foundation of our company.


The Golba Group is presently working with several types of investors with different types of goals and objectives:

First, we have many investors that feel comfortable owning one or two single family homes for investment. Most of these homes range in the 1800 square feet and $110,000 range. If purchased in average rental areas, the income cash flow will easily provide adequate debt service of your mortgage.

Next, we have many out of state investors who have joined with other investors and established an LLC for the specific purpose of buying ten, twenty, or thirty homes and placing them in the LLC for cash flow and appreciation. Investors have chosen The Golba Group to locate these properties and provide cash flow analysis using our experience and historical knowledge of the Phoenix market in order to arrive at the “buy” decision for each property.

Also, we are servicing many investors looking for cash flow and appreciation with multi-family and commercial opportunities in the Phoenix area. Land, office buildings, retail centers and apartments are now growing increasingly popular with investors looking for a solid and strong cash flow investment. Now is the time to investigate these multiple opportunities while heavy appreciation and generous cap rates are available.

Another investment avenue is the IRS 1031 Tax Exchange. The Golba Group is keenly aware of the importance of the 1031 Tax Exchange windows and has adapted our experience base to accommodate investor exchange requirements. We have experience working with the 1031 and can assure you of our dedication to perform on your behalf within the 45 day time constraints.


This is the simplest part of the Nevada investment equation. Just respond to the “Contact Us” Link on our Homepage or call 702-240-0770 to talk to one of our qualified Investment Sales Personnel. Remember, don’t pass up the advantages of working with a reputable real estate company that offers all of the important services that you, the investor, need and require. Sales, Leasing, Management, Maintenance and Accounting. All accomplished within one well managed real estate organization – The Golba Group.


Large Scale Prop Mgt
We provide a dedicated property management team with the experience, expertise and focus on detail required to manage complex residential developments. Meeting the needs of our customers is our core focus. Our dedicated in-house support team based in Las Vegas, Nevada has the detailed knowledge and experience of a broad range of property management issues and works closely with our operations team.

We can scale with your needs. From managing a small housing block all the way to a large apartment complex. If you are a large scale property owner you need a team that can be a liason to your tenants and to your employees.

We specialize in bringing you a comprehensive large scale property management solution that can fulfill all of your needs. Some of these may include:

– Landscape Maintenance – from cutting the grass, maintaining communal gardens, watering and sweeping. This is particularly important in developments with commercial properties such as bars, restaurants or retail outlets that have communal areas accessible to non-residents

– Heating and cleaning of communal internal areas, including any onsite leisure facilities

– Window Cleaning – specific to each development, but would typically include all external windows as well as internal windows in communal areas

– Lift Maintenance

– Fire Equipment Maintenance

– General Repairs and Maintenance

– Buildings Insurance – in the case of apartments, full buildings insurance is required under the terms of the lease to cover the risks relevant to the development. Standard insurance risks might include fire, explosion, lightning, aircraft, terrorism, storm or flood, sprinkler leakage, subsidence or landside etc.

– Bank Charges and Audit fees

– Management fee and salaries of any onsite staff

Contact us immediately and we can help your project of any size.
Make a Payment